Which is the Best Blogging Platform for You : The Basic Guide

Finally, the day comes when you decided to start your own blog, but when you opened your Web Browser, you immediately got stuck at the basic and most important question :

Which Blogging Platform should I choose?

This is one of most important step when you’re serious about Blogging.

All the following platforms let you do the most important thing :

Writing + Reading

But when you’re finding the best Blogging Platform for starting your blog then you must check the following features :

  • Customizable Design
  • Your own Brand(Your Own Logo)
  • Your Own(Custom) Domain Support
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Adsense support(Let you use your own Ads
  • Social Media Sharing support

Above are some of the major features which you can’t ignore while choosing a right Blogging Platform for you. These features are not important when you are new to login but as soon as you will fall in love with writing then you question yourself :

What else I can do with my blog?

In Hurry, there are many people choose wrong platform and later they regret it.

That’s why I’ve written this guide, so you can’t choose wrong platform to start your blog.

Which is a Wrong Platform to start a Blog?

Apart from the features listed above, there is a thing which is very important to get success in Blogging is “How often the platform is updated?”. Before choosing a blogging platform for you must check that it’s updated with latest features or not.

As an example, their blogs are mobile-friendly or not. According to some surveys, now-a-days a big amount of net traffic is coming from mobiles. So, if your blog is not mobile friendly you will lose a lot of traffic.

In this article, I am going to discuss only about these platform, because I think these are the best Blogging platforms. The platforms are :

Note : You can also find Weebly and Squarespace in some lists of “best Blogging platforms” but that’s not true. They are best website builders not best Blogging platforms.

Best Blogging Platforms for Starting a Blog

1. WordPress.org (Self-Hosted)


WordPress.org is the most popular blogging platform on the web. In my opinion it is the best Blogging Platform.

WordPress is provided in two different platforms :

  • WordPress.org
  • WordPress.com

WordPress is developed by Automatic Inc. I will discuss about WordPress.com later. But presently I am discussing about WordPress.org.

Here’s an interesting fact :

About 30% of the websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress.

WordPress.org is very popular Blogging Platform because of its ease of use and highly customizability.

WordPress have their own Mobile App which let you blog anytime, anywhere. From app, you can write posts, upload photos and reply to comments.

Starting your blog with WordPress.org means owning your blog. You are the owner of your blog. It means you don’t worry of your blog getting deleted.

If you don’t want to make money from your blog, then this platform is not for you. But if you are serious towards your blog then this is perfect choice for you.

2. WordPress.com(limited but easy to use than WordPress.org)


As I already told you that there are two platforms offered by WordPress and  WordPress.com is the second.

If you thought to start your blog for learning more about blogging, then WordPress.com is for you.

WordPress.com let you start your own blog without spending a penny. They offer a free subdomain and an admin dashboard.

WordPress.com also offers some premium plans but if you want to get these features I would recommend you to use WordPress.org.

Note : You are not allowed to place your own ads(Google Adsense, etc.) on your WordPress.com sites with a free plan.

3. BlogSpot by Google


For those who are new to blogging, BlogSpot is the perfect choice. As BlogSpot was developed by Google, so its quite different from WordPress.

I started my first blog in 2015 on BlogSpot and learned alot of about blogging through it.

I would recommend you to use BlogSpot because it is quite easy to use and newbie friendly.

BlogSpot offers you an Android app which let you Write Blog posts and upload images. You can download it here.

Note : BlogSpot allows you to monetize your blog by placing your own ads(Google Adsense, Amazon Associated etc.) on it.

Final Word

After all which Blogging Platform is right for me.

  • WordPress.org : Its the champion in the field of Blogging. It’s highly recommend Blogging Platform.
  • WordPress.com : Want to use the power of WordPress.org without spending any penny then this is for you.
  • BlogSpot : If you want to earn money through blogging without spending any money, then Blogspot is for you.

Finally, If you’re fall in love with blogging and want to start a Blog, then I recommend you to use WordPress.org

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